#A96 Hand-Forged Kentucky Felling Axe

Kentucky felling axe Kentucky style axe head Kentucky style axe head hand forged Kentucky style axe head Kentucky felling axe with leather sheath hand forged, Kentucky style axe

Hand-forged Kentucky Felling Axe.

This is a brand new, original, historically influenced felling axe that I forged in my blacksmith shop, The North River Forge. I specialize in hand-forged reproductions of the 18th and 19th centuries. They have an authenticity rarely found in other maker's work. Each piece is unique.

Dimensions: Head overall 7 5/8" - Cutting edge 4" wide.

Steel: 1060 High carbon.

Head Weight: 48oz.

Haft: Ash, 28" long

Finish: Aged finish.

Sheath: Veg-tan leather.

Special Features: Hand forged.

This axe is stamped with my makers mark NR.

Great for many jobs around the camp, home or shop. A classic vintage design.

Price: $225.00 plus $18 shipping (USA - Canada)

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