#PH27 Native American Spontoon-Tomahawk

spontoon pipe tomahawk hand-forged custom tomahawk tomahawk spontoon pipe hawk spontoon-tomahawk

Native-American Pipe Spontoon-Tomahawk.

This is a brand new, original, historically influenced, hand-forged pipe-tomahawk that I forged in my blacksmith shop, The North River Forge. I specialize in hand-forged reproductions of the 18th and 19th centuries. They have an authenticity rarely found in other maker's work. Each piece is unique.

Dimensions: Head overall 9 3/4" - Round bowl is 5/8" diameter, inside.

Haft: Osage orange wood, 18" long. Drilled.

Construction: Traditional 18th. century construction. Head is hand-forged from 1018 steel.

Finish: Aged finish. Period correct.

Special Features: Hand filed chevrons. Buffalo hide wrap. Decorated with copper cones, horse hair tassels and trade beads. Solid brass end cap and threaded clean out plug. The pipe is fully functional and can be smoked.

This spontoon-tomahawk is stamped with my makers mark NR.

Great for re-enactors or collectors who crave tradition. Hand-forged in the traditions of long ago. It is a reminder of an era past. A very nice reproduction pipe hawk. It has never been carried or used. Functional as well as beautiful. A classic 18th century design.

Price: $375.00 plus $18 shipping with insurance. (USA - Canada) Please contact us for shipping charges and options for other destinations.

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